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As a global citizen and student of cultures and communities I have been observing with an intent to collect common denominators that govern – and occasionally define – our lives, interactions, and growth.


Kinesis, Emotion, and Structure are three of these denominators that – I believe – shape, influence, characterize, and affect one’s being.


Kinesis: The eternal movement, that connects and divides, reveals and hides, elevates and diminishes, is present in all of one’s actions and their respective reactions.


Emotion: The primary force that connects the psyche and mind manifests itself primarily through physical expressions and through the senses.

Structure: The arrangement and the relation between synchronous (patterns) or asynchronous (abstraction) parts, elements, and functions drives our understanding of our logical, emotional, and physical environments.

In my work, the combination of the three denominators, gave birth to a Face: A face – devoid from its natural structure and hypostasis – that disregards geometry and aesthetics, consists of simple lines, and becomes the balance element of a time-less, form-less, and shape-less environment.

The Face – who acts as an Observer – illustrates a two-dimensional emotions communicator, a genderless being that moves relentlessly, an ethereal structure that stands above rules and restrictions.


The Observer reveals human nature’s limitations but strongly stands witness to what is feasible when ideas, perspectives, and structures are set free.

The Observer reflects our common memories and visualizes our physical, emotional, and transcending journeys.


The Observer comes to life in my work through continuous exploration of facts, myths, ideas, knowledge, and experiences, and through experimentation with color, various media, and techniques such as action painting, graffiti, and calligraphy.

I draw inspiration primarily from the work of cubists, surrealists, abstract expressionists, neo-expressionists, and pop-art artists.  I like to approach my subject matter structurally and enable a conversation among the works.

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